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    Welcome to BigFishTours, the premier offshore sportfishing company in San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua.

    Black Marlin, Sailfish, and Dorado are here daily because the big fish have moved in. Offshore sportfishing is getting daily Catches of Black Marlin, sailfish, and Dorado. The seas are calm and the fishing is super hot. Yellowfin tuna mixed in. Come aboard our Custom 36ft Hatteras sportfishing vessel. Sit back and relax with our all inclusive fishing adventures. Just wait for the big ones to show up.

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    some of the catch of the day

    Blue Marlin

    Blue marlin will show up soon, Then the action will get even better. We offer 1/2 day, 3/4 Day or Full Day adventures.

    The marlin are within 11 miles and the sailfish are almost on the beach. Small Darado mixed in and Bigger Dorado feeding with the Big Marlin. Some wahoo mixed in. From now until approx September the fishing should stay good, check out some of our photos and videos.

    We service clients from all over the world that come to experience the newly discovered fishery here in Nicaragua.

    Nicaragua is a safe and friendly country that I can personally vouch for, having visited for over 20 years and lived here permanently for over 5 years. The recent fishing experiences have been exceptional, with highlights including the capture of a massive 600-pound black marlin and the possibility of hooking multiple sailfish per day. In fact, just yesterday, we were able to catch 30 Dorado Sailfish and some Jack Crevalle in a single day!

    For enthusiasts of bill fishing, Nicaragua offers a unique experience as the fish populations face minimal pressure and tend to stay in the area for extended periods compared to other destinations. Whether you prefer budget accommodations or luxurious 5-star hotels, Nicaragua caters to a wide range of preferences.

    The country’s infrastructure is continually improving, making travel within Nicaragua relatively simple. If you require any assistance, our team can arrange everything you need for a seamless experience. So, come and enjoy what could be some of the best fishing action in Central America with BigFishTours.

    Nicaragua is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered, offering not only incredible fishing opportunities but also a rich and diverse culture that will leave you captivated.

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