• Clients experience a Deep Sea Fishing Tour

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    We went out on a deep sea fishing tour, Wednesday 21st of September. Got about eight (8) miles out and saw a single bird flying a tight circle, hmm, what to do?  Stop the boat and set out all the lines with teasers and work the area for about 20 minutes.

    Out of nowhere, a massive Blue Marlin lunges at our long teaser rigged with a ballyhoo. The sight is awe-inspiring as the fish leaps spectacularly out of the water, vigorously shaking its head, and sending the teaser soaring into the sky. It must have weighed around 450 lbs, an impressive catch.

    Although I try to keep my composure, my frustration simmers beneath the surface. I launch into my figure 8 maneuvers, trying to entice the fish again. After what feels like an eternity, around 20 minutes later, we feel a sudden tension on the center line—a clear indication that we’ve got another fish on the hook.

    My mate expresses concern, sensing that something might be amiss, but I’m confident it’s another Marlin. With adrenaline pumping, we hand the pole to our client, advising him to maintain a steady grip and stay patient. After another

    +20 minutes, the fish emerges, and to our astonishment, it’s an even bigger Blue Marlin, approximately 550 lbs!

    The battle rages on, and the Marlin seems to have an epiphany and propels itself forward with incredible speed. We adjust our position maintaining a tight line, the chase intensifying as the fish repeatedly breaks the surface in defiance.

    After 45 minutes to an hour passes, the struggle is fierce, and when victory seems within reach, the Marlin takes one final leap, wrapping its powerful tail around the line, and with a heart-wrenching “ping,” the connection is lost. Fish #2 slips away, leaving us with a sense of profound disappointment and frustration.

    Nevertheless, we remain determined to try again, for in the world of fishing, triumph and heartbreak often walk hand in hand, and the elusive Blue Marlin keeps us coming back for more.

    So on we go fishing, about 20 or 30 minutes pass and a sailfish comes up on the short teaser, so we bait and switch the fish and hook it, Fish on!! After a few minutes the fish is in the boat for a photo shoot and off it goes back for another day to fight. We have been raising Marlin, Sailfish, and Dorado on almost every trip for the last month. October is the best month here for Marlin so if this is a sign of what’s to be,

    Let’s get deep sea fishing. Bigfishtours.net


    Captain Jim Bigfish


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