• Deep Sea Fishing Report August 29, 2016

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    Unfortunately, this magnificent creature perished in the hunt, it did go to feed many Nicaraguan families. This is the only Marlin in over 80 caught that succumb to the hunt. We practice catch and release.

    Our offshore deep-sea fishing captain had an outstanding day on the water, catching over forty sailfish. Recent fishing conditions are exceptional, shown by the captain’s skilled capture of a 650 lb Blue Marlin last week. The Blue Marlin battle thrilled the client, leaving them satisfied with cherished memories.

    For three days, onshore winds moved blue water close to the coast, attracting abundant bait fish. An ideal time for Sailfish and Marlin fishing, thrilling anglers. Superb for deep sea fishing enthusiasts!

    Anticipating another exciting day on the water, we want to let you know that our captain will be heading out for more fishing adventures tomorrow. For all the latest updates and detailed information on our catch, be sure to check back with our new Fishing Report, as we’ll be keeping it regularly updated to keep you informed.

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    Whether you are a seasoned angler or a first-time fisherman, our expert team will provide personalized assistance and guidance throughout the trip. Feel the adrenaline surge through your veins as you engage in the thrilling pursuit of catching magnificent sailfish and other impressive big game fish. Don’t miss this opportunity to create lasting memories.


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