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    We went out deep sea fishing Wednesday 21’st of September. Got about eight (8) miles out and saw a single bird fDeep Sea Fishinglying a tight circle, hmm, what to do?  Stop the boat and set out all the lines with teasers and work the area for about 20 minutes. All of a sudden, pow a big blue Marlin hits our long teaser rigged with a ballyhoo, The fish came completely out of the water , shook it’s head and spit the teaser towards the sky. The fish was approximately 450lbs. In my head i ‘m burning mad, so I don’t get that excited (well maybe a little) and started doing my figure 8’s. So about 20 more minutes pass and the center line goes tight, fish on!! My mate keeps saying “something is wrong” and I’m yelling “don’t worry it’s a Marlin.” We hand the pole to the client and tell him to keep the line tight and be patient. After another 20 or so minuets the fish finally breaks the surface and it’s a Blue Marlin, but bigger than the first one! Approximately 550lbs. The fish finally realizes he (or she) is hooked and starts speeding forward and so we start speeding forward on an angel to keep the line tight. The fish breaks the surface 5 or 6 times more. After fighting the fish for 45 minutes or an hour the fish jumps and heads for the sky, spins around and tail wraps the line and ping , no more Fish ! So fish #2 gone. Now I’m really frustrated. So on we go fishing, about 20 or 30 minuets pass and a sailfish comes up on the short teaser, so we bait and switch the fish and hook it, Fish on!! After a few minutes the fish is in the boat for a photo shoot and off it goes back for another day to fight. We have been raising Marlin, Sailfish and Dorado on almost every trip for the last month. October is the best month here for Marlin so if this is a sign of whats to be, Lets get deep sea fishing. Bigfishtours.net.Thanks Captain Jim Bigfish

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