• Black Marlin Have arrived San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua

    Well, we went offshore yesterday on a full-day fishing tour. Started at 6 am and headed to a familiar spot. The water was green with no life in sight. We have been catching Marlin, sailfish, and Dorado all season at this spot.

    The water temperature changed about a week ago and so now it is a new fishing game. So I started moving towards deeper water and more north. Finally, after about two hours found some slightly blue water. started looking for signs of life, nope not a bird in sight. Finally, I started to see some tuna chicks, and the watercolor getting better. After about another hour I see some bait jumping ( small Tuna), then a few dolphins. Ahh maybe “some hope yet”, as the day was getting late and the seas were about 4-6 ft ( I knew the trip back to port would be a little bumpy, but our 36ft Hatteras could handle it) I figured that there should be some Marlin around as small tuna makes for a good lunch.

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    Well, it was getting time to head back when looking back behind the boat, and out of the water come a black marlin. Not just any Black Marlin but a black marlin I’m estimating to be in the 900-1000lbs range. Wow! What an awesome sight to see. The client’s eyes were popping out of their heads. We didn’t get a chance to hook this awesome Beautiful Black Marlin, but just seeing it bought smiles to everyone’s faces. We did actually catch a small tuna and a Jack (25 lbs) earlier in the day, so the clients had some fish for dinner.

    I will head out again tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday. I’ll update the fishing report Saturday. At least I have a new starting point and maybe that “BIG” Black marlin will show up again. This is the time of the year here in Nicaragua (December and January) when the Black marlin shows up. So they are a little late, but maybe they will stay a little longer. There are still Blue Marlins here all year round. Striped Marlin also roams the waters here. Remember from my other reports that the smallest marlin we raised and hooked this season was 400 lbs and the biggest so far was about 650 lbs. Who would ever imagine that this type of fishery existed here in San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua?

    Let Nicaragua be your next vacation choice and maybe you can get into one of these grand fish. We are the premier offshore sport fishing charter company to target billfish. We had an awesome season and would like to thank all our clients and wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.

    Best regards,

    Captain Jim Big Fish


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