• Updated Deep Sea offshore sportfishig

    Went out Saturday for a deep sea, offshore,fishing adventure, 3/4 day. Had 6 clients aboard to chase down some Marlin,sailfish and dorado. Found nice blue water early in the morning with no breeze. could clearly see the current line. started following the current line and the first fish raised was a good size blue Marlin. Traveled a bit further and raised and good size bull mahi about 42 lbs. ( dinner for the clients, Yumm). hooked another mahi ( about 80 lbs..wow)much bigger but it spit the hook. Had another marlin come into the spread and missed it.not a bad 6 hours. Marlin fishing here in Nicaragua is relatively new. We have been into fish on almost every trip. there are some big fish here and it’s virtually virgin grounds. All the time we are fishing alone with no other boats disturbing the bait. I know there are some big Marlin here as we have raised one about 650+lbs. So come try your hand at Marlin fishing here in Nicaragua. It’s easy to get here many flights per week and La Chata is ready to take you on your deep sea fishing adventure. We will be fishing again Sunday and Tuesday and i will post an updated report. Tight Lines.. Captain Jim Big Fish

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